Sadly, J.R. Burrows passed away on May 20th, 2023. His obituary can be viewed at Nitardy Funeral Homes. This site is a memorial to his work.

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Burrows Studio:
C.F.A. Voysey Fabric and Wallpaper Designs


picture of The Stag wallpaper in a house


"The Stag" depicts an enchanted landscape, an artists' vision of an English Royal Park, abstracted and stylized in the design tradition of the Arts & Crafts Movement. This pattern was originally published as a new wallpaper design by C.F.A. Voysey in THE STUDIO in 1896. Later, the pattern was reworked for textile and carpet weaving. We have returned to the original, but less well known, version for our hand silk-screen printed wallpaper.

Voysey's pattern designs express a childlike innocence, with crisp lines, spare detail, and hallmark "Voysey-birds" in many of the patterns for wallpaper and fabric. His architecture was also spare in line and detail, invoking the essence of the English cottage in a modern manner, and Voysey was also one of the most noteworthy designers of Arts & Crafts Movement furniture.

Illustration: The Stag Wallpaper The Stag wallpaper by C.F.A. Voysey, and "Tulip & Lily" carpet runner by William Morris. Installed at Sconehenge House Bed & Breakfast in Plymouth, Massachusetts.


"The Stag" has a design width of 21" and a self match repeat of 21 1/4". Roll size is 6 yards long, covering approximately 30 square feet per roll. We ship papers in multiple roll bolts to minimize waste. Our hand printed papers are shipped untrimmed.

Colors are in tertiary tones of green, blue, light brown, purple and orange.


Border: printed as vertical panels 22" to 50" high 21" wide panels; price each $35.00

Click here for a larger image of the The Stag Wallpaper.

stag lace image

The Stag, by C.F.A. Voysey, Architect and Designer

An exclusive design from Rose's Mill in Scotland, made as a fine 10-point lace. Burrows & Co. also offers The Stag as a hand-printed wallpaper, and as a border.

C.F.A. Voysey was a prominent Arts & Crafts Movement architect and designer from England. His lace panel of The Stag was originally produced in Scotland in the early 1900s.

Many English Arts & Crafts textiles are of a grand scale, even though they are often used in houses of modest scale. This large panel is beautiful on windows as narrow as 35 - 40" wide by using one panel per window. John Burrows has The Stag as drapes in his sitting room windows - pulled back to one side and gathered a foot above the window sill with a curtain tie-back - they are draped low to hang very full so that the design can be seen to best advantage. Because of the overall figuring in the pattern, they are an excellent design for the windows of houses in the city and suburbs that do not have a worthwhile view (shades under the lace are still recommended when privacy is required at night).

As well as a stunning curtain panel, this design can be used as bed hangings for four-poster beds. We also suggest The Stag as a bed covering over a dark coverlet or sheet (95" fits a full size mattress, and 118" long fits a queen-size mattress).

Fabric content: 95% cotton, 5% polyester
Color: Natural White or Ecru
Sizes: 72" wide X 72" long = $142
72" wide x 95" long = $171
72" wide x 118" long = $200
51" wide X 72" long = $117
51" wide X 95" long = $155
51" wide X 118" long = $182

All sizes are approximate, with a 3% allowable variance.

Picture of Bird and Poppy Pattern Wallpaper


"The Bird & Poppy" "The Bird & Poppy" features stylized birds, and the foliage and flowers of the poppy, in characteristic manner of Voysey patterns. Many of Voysey's pattern designs were drawn without reference to manufacturer; in other words, they were drawn on speculation and offered to both wallpaper and fabric printers. (This is quite different from the pattern designs of William Morris, who drew most designs specifically for the final medium.) Two original pieces of "The Bird & Poppy" exist in museum collections in England and California, and both were printed on silk as novelty bedspreads. However, as the design repeat is the exact scale of English wallpaper prints, it is most likely that Voysey would have considered the pattern well suited for a wallpaper as well.


Burrows Studio has reproduced "The Bird & Poppy" as wallpaper and as a printed textile on 50% linen and 50% cotton fabric.

Wallpaper: design width is 21" with a self match repeat of 15 1/4". Roll size is 6 yards long, covering approximately 30 square feet per roll. We ship papers in multiple roll bolts to minimize waste. Our hand printed papers are shipped untrimmed.

PRICE PER ROLL: $195.00.

Fabric: 52" wide, with a self match repeat of 15 1/4". Make allowance for shrinkage.

PRICE PER YARD:Inquire for pricing

Colors are in tertiary golds, olive, sage, grey blue and brown with burnt red outlines.

About C.F.A. VOYSEY (1857-1941)

Best known as an Arts & Crafts Movement architect, Voysey began his career designing for wallpaper and fabric manufacturers in the 1880's, an interest he continued throughout his life. His architecture is featured in the final scenes of the of the 1981 film "The French Lieutenant's Woman." Furniture designed by Voysey is offered in reproduction by David Berman of Trustworth Studios in Plymouth, Mass. Both "The Stag" and "Bird & Poppy" were drawn by Voysey.

voysey bird pattern

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