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Neo-Grec Panels

Neo Grec Panel America's most fashionable circles in the 1870's were enamored with a new style termed "Neo-Grec," a cousin of the Gothic Revival cloaked with classical motifs. Originating in France, the style became quickly known here through the work of young architects who had studied in Paris, and through designs illustrated in popular magazines. The Neo-Grec style found expression with architectural details (particularly in Italianate and Second Empire houses), furnishing fabrics, wallpaper and stenciling, and household objects - especially silverplate.

This Neo-Grec curtain design was exhibited at the Centennial Exposition at Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, in 1876. Our panel was reproduced from an illustration in the catalog from that great world's fair.

Available sizes:
Sold as individual panels, sizes show width x length.*


Neo Grec Lace Panels in White Hall Parlor

58" x 72" =   $81
58" x 84" =   $90
58" x 90" =   $93
58" x 102" = $104
58" x 108" = $113
58" x 126" = $123
58" x 144" = $154



Colors (product codes):
Ecru (LCE-103)
White (LCW-103)


Fabric Content: 95% cotton/5% polyester


Coordinating yardage 58" wide is $54 per yard
Ecru (LCE-003)
White (LCW-003)

*All sizes are approximate,

with a 3% allowable variance.

There may be additional shrinkage after washing.

Neo Grec Curtains in Vachel Lindsey Library

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