Sadly, J.R. Burrows passed away on May 20th, 2023. His obituary can be viewed at Nitardy Funeral Homes. This site is a memorial to his work.

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Lace Panels & Madras Muslin Curtains

Burrows Studio has been celebrated as a champion of Victorian and Arts & Crafts Movement design in the New York Times, Victorian Homes and the Old-House Journal since its founding in 1985. 

Neo Grec Curtains

Cottage Panel in a Kitchen

MFA Roswell Gleason Room

SCOTTISH LACE is woven on Nottingham lace looms in a locale that has been a leading center of lace curtain weaving since the era of Queen Victoria. 


Curtain Panels

John Burrows curated this collection over the past quarter century working with the world’s finest lace designers and weavers.  Panels marked with the Burrows logo were originally researched and introduced by Mr. Burrows.


Note- For details on sizes and pricing, click on the lace images below:
Lace Panels
Neo-Grec Victorian
Neo-Grec Lace Curtain Panel Victorian Lace Curtain Panel
Honeybee Japanese Carp
Honeybee Lace Curtain Panel Japanese Carp Lace Curtain panels
Meadow Lily Cottage
Meadow Lily Lace Curtain Panel Cottage Lace Curtain Panel
Kelvin Rose Sibelia
Kelvin Rose Lace Curtain Panel Sibelia Lace Curtain Panel
The Stag by C.F.A. Voysey Aleta
The Stag Lace Curtain Panel Aleta Lace Curtain Panel
Renaissance Formosa
Renaissance Lace Curtain Panel Formosa Lace Curtain Panel
Ginko Albertine
Ginko Lace Curtain Panel Albertine Lace Curtain Panel

PLEASE NOTE: Ginko and Albertine have limited

availability of colors and length—please inquire on current of stock. 


Customer Service from J.R. Burrows & Company

Loaner Panels are available to aid customers in seeing designs and quality.

J.R. Burrows & Company offers custom lengths—visit Customer Service

Colors: Scottish lace panels are available in White and Ecru:

White is a bright bleached white and Ecru is a soft creamy off-white

Madras Muslin Curtains

Madras muslin panels are fine leno weave gauze curtains woven in Scotland with 100% cotton. Burrows Studio offers designs from the 19th and early 20th century. 

Christmas Rose

The Seagull

Christmas Rose - Madras Muslin Curtains The Seagull - Madras Muslin Curtains
Helena Paisley
Helena - Madras Muslin Curtains Paisley - Madras Muslin Curtains
Peacock Renaissance
Peacock - Madras Muslin Curtains Renaissance - Madras Muslin Curtains

Since the mid-1980's Burrows & Company has been importing fine Scottish Nottingham lace curtains for Victorian homeowners in the United States. Designs are the result of research for authentic patterns that especially suit American homes. While 100 years ago lace curtains were sold in only one or two lengths, and the homeowner had to make adjustments to fit their windows (see "Lace Curtains, Practical Advice"), we specialize in stocking the largest range of sizes on the market to meet the needs of clients with diverse house styles.

Underlying the interest of Burrows & Company in its approach to Victorian design is to promote the best traditions of finely rendered repeating patterns that was the hallmark of the period. Our designs have been chosen specifically for the inherent quality of the repetition of figures and strength of the overall design.

The timeless quality of these designs have an appeal that have given us many loyal clients, who return 2 years, 5 years, even 20 years later to purchase from us again.

Click here for a brief history of Scottish Nottingham Lace and Madras Muslin with an explanation of 'point' qualities and details of their use.

Full details on doing business with us follows. A black & white printed catalog will be sent by post upon request via e-mail.


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