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Cottage Panels

picture of Cottage Panel

The Cottage Panels are sold as pairs (they are sometimes joined at the top on the rod pocket but may be easily cut apart). These narrow panels are scaled for smaller windows and they are very attractive hanging just over the window sill. With an additional rod pocket sewn to the bottom - fabric tape is ideal - they made very nice panels for doors. The density of the design also permits greater privacy than more open patterns. The style of our Cottage Panels is typical of the turn-of-the-century (about 1900), and they are perfect for Queen Anne cottages, bungalows, and narrow windows.

Available sizes:
Individual panel width x length is listed below.
The total width of a pair is 68".*
Prices are per pair.

34" x 48" = $79
34" x 54" = $84
34" x 60" = $90
34" x 72" = $96
34" x 84" = $105
34" x 90" = $113

Colors (product codes):
Ecru (LCE-308)
White (LCW-308)

Fabric Content: 95% cotton/5% polyester

Coordinating yardage 36" wide is $44.00 per yard.
Ecru (LCE-008)
White (LCW-008)

*All sizes are approximate, with a 3% allowable variance. There may be additional shrinkage after washing.

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