Sadly, J.R. Burrows passed away on May 20th, 2023. His obituary can be viewed at Nitardy Funeral Homes. This site is a memorial to his work.

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John Burrows, historic carpet and period floor covering consultant; business established 1985

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"A specialist decorative furnishings supplier in the English tradition, featuring Arts & Crafts Movement wallpaper, furnishing fabric and William Morris carpet marketed as the Burrows Studio Collection, Scottish lace curtains, and the Stourvale Mill Collection of Wilton and Brussels reproduction historic carpet from the Federal, Neo-Classical and Victorian periods."




English and American Arts & Crafts Movement Designs from the 1880s - 1920s. Our designs are particularly well suited for Queen Anne, Shingle Style, Colonial Revival houses, Arts & Crafts bungalows, and Victorian Revival homes.

Scottish lace curtain panels in authentic designs for Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco homes. We specialize in stocking a large range of sizes and styles.



Woven on the original looms in England, suited for large area rugs, wall-to-wall installation and stair runners.

The finest collection of historic carpet designs, from the 1790s - 1950s, woven to order. Expert historical design consultation on period floorcoverings is offered by our staff.


J.R. Burrows & Co. is located in Rockland, Massachusetts, 20 miles SE of Boston on Route 3. Please make an appointment with our staff. For historic carpets please indicate the style and period of interest prior to visiting.

Images: Upper left, stairhall, Elsa Wallpaper in blue at our showroom. Upper right, Neo-Grec Panels at Hamilton House, Whitewater, WI. Lower left, Wreath carpet by Morris and Honeybee wallpaper by Candace Wheeler at our showroom. Lower right: Grand Floral Medallions at White Hall, Richmond, KY Below: John Jay Homestead, Katonah, NY Credit: John Burrows

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Carpet Pattern: Grecian Lyres
John Burrows contributed to research for Peter Waddell's painting The Splendid Mrs. Madison in the "Elliptical Saloon," 1810-1814. 14 paintings envision the White House in different eras in a new exhibit An Artist Visits the White House.
Peter Waddell painting of Oval Room - James and Dolley Madison c.1810

John Burrows recommends that people visiting Boston see the
new Art of the Americas Wing of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
Burrows Studio products are featured in these galleries and period rooms

MFA: Oak Hill Parlor (Brussels Carpet) MFA: Oak Hill Dining Room (Brussels Carpet) MFA: Oak Hill Bedroom (Brussels Carpet) MFA:Gothic Gallery (Brussels Carpet)
Oak Hill Parlor Brussels Carpet Oak Hill Dining Room - Brussels Carpet Oak Hill Bedroom - Brussels Carpet Gothic Gallery - Brussels Carpet
MFA:Life in America Gallery c.1877 MFA: Roswell Gleason Room (Wilton Carpet) MFA: Roswell Gleason Room with Madras Muslin Curtains Swagged MFA:Aesthetic Gallery (Honeybee Wallpaper)
Life in America Gallery - Wilton Carpet Roswell Gleason Room - Wilton Carpet Roswell Gleason - Madras Muslin Curtains Aesthetic Gallery - Honeybee Wallpaper



The finest collection of floorcoving for American Federal period and Regency rooms. Burrows & Co. is a specialist supplier of carpet woven to match the authentic designs and colorings of Regency England that were imported to America in great quantity. We provide consultation services on historic floorcoverings for homeowners and museums.

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Booknotes: further readings on nineteenth century interior design, sponsored by J.R. Burrows & Co. For information on programs of interest to enthusiasts of the 19th century, please look at the Victorian Events Calendar, sponsored by J.R. Burrows & Co.

Founders of the Arts & Crafts Movement 1870 - 1900, an anthology of writings on design by William Morris and his contemporaries, sponsored by J.R. Burrows & Co.

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