Sadly, J.R. Burrows passed away on May 20th, 2023. His obituary can be viewed at Nitardy Funeral Homes. This site is a memorial to his work.

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Historic Brussels and Wilton Carpet


J.R. Burrows & Company represents The Grosvenor Wilton Company Ltd, English weavers of a premier collection of reproductions of period Brussels and Wilton carpets for homes, museums, and historic buildings. John Burrows brings to his work a deep academic and practical knowledge of American historic interiors that complements a career as a historical-design merchant. 


This web site currently illustrates only a portion of our full offering of the hundreds of period carpet reproductions. For more information, please call our office and ask for John Burrows. 


Groups of designs suitable for your project can be shared by Dropbox files. Specify the historic period and other details of the project that will be helpful in our selecting a range of patterns to show. Woven samples can be borrowed for final selection. Rough pricing can be quoted from dimensions provided. Detailed price estimates are provided for a fee that can be applied to the deposit when the carpet is purchased. John Burrows is available for consulting on projects, and he has associates in New York City and in the Mid-Atlantic area that are available for consultation.


Photos on this page are a portion of the portfolio of work of J.R. Burrows & Company. 

































Specialist work in custom design reproduction



























Federal Period:

Georgian & Regency Designs c. 1790-1825







Early Victorian Period:

c. 1825 - 1850


High Victorian Period

c. 1850 - 1875


Late Victorian Period & Aesthetic Movement

c. 1875 - 1895


Edwardian & Art Nouveau

c. 1895 - 1920


Arts & Crafts & William Morris


1920s Home


Small Scale Patterns and Subdued Colorways



Grosvenor Wilton period-reproduction carpets are woven in two historic pile types: Wilton (cut pile) and Brussels (loop pile). Today there is a small difference in price, but in the 19th century the coveted Wilton carpets cost double the price of Brussels. In the Federal Period, when floorcoverings were prized and extremely costly, most wealthy American families had Brussels carpets in their best rooms. By the mid-nineteenth century, Wilton carpets were more common in the best parlors, with Brussels (or ingrains) in the lesser rooms of the house. In the late nineteenth century, frugal families still carpeted with Brussels or ingrains, but families who wanted to show they had a little money to spare preferred the velvet look of Wiltons. The Arts & Crafts Movement carpets are all offered as cut pile carpet.


Customer Service from J.R. Burrows & Company

For more information, please call our office and ask for John Burrows.  Groups of designs suitable for your project can be shared by Dropbox files.



Underlying the interest of Burrows & Company in its approach to historical design is to promote the best traditions of finely rendered repeating patterns that was the hallmark of the period. Our designs have been chosen specifically for the inherent quality of the repetition of figures and strength of the overall design.


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