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Poppy Carpet
William Morris Carpets

Poppy Rug pattern


Design date c. 1875-1925

Design Number 19/4125

Pattern Repeat 14" self match

"Poppy" Axminster carpet, designed by William Morris in 1875. Shown at "The Vale," the Lyman Estate in Waltham, Massachusetts. Photograph by Kevin Latady.

Poppy Rug in a room

Burrows & Co. will be happy to supply an estimate for your particular project if you can supply the measurement for the room or area rug. The more precise measurements you can provide will assist in the accuracy of the cost estimate. Plans can be forwarded to qualified installers around the country who will quote installation or fabrication costs. Be sure to let me known what city or state your reside in, so we can make inquiries to the closest installer and include the relevent inland freight costs in the estimate.

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