Polite Deportment: Perfumes

It may be that some will think a perfume of some sort is essential to complete the toilet. "The most refined people, however, avoid personal perfumes, and hold that the absence of all odor is the best savor of human communication. Those of nice taste eschew all perfumes but those that are evanescent, such as cologne and the like." A strong perfume of any kind is not desirable, if, indeed, it be not actually vulgar. There is always a suggestion that it conceals some foulness.


The Housewife's Library: (Many Volumes in One.), very carefully prepared after laborious research by a skilled corps of experts in the different departments. (copyrighted by George Peltz), Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, Kansas City: Hubbard Bros., Publishers; San Francisco: A.L. Bancroft & Co., 1883


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