Burrows Studio: Priory Garden

Trimmed Width: 21"

Repeat: 11 7/8" self match

Roll size: 6 yards

Price per roll: $175.00

An English Design. This pattern pays homage to the style of William Morris, the great 19th century English wallpaper designer. The foliage is reminiscent to "Larkspur" and the organization of the pattern, with a meander of foliage counterpointed by a grid of flowers, is like "Marigold," but this pattern has major and minor flowers set on the diamond points of a diaper pattern. The document colorway has soft, tertiary hues popular in the 1880s and early 1890s, when it was originally produced. It draws its inspiration from Morris without copying the master's work; it is a sophisticated design with its own character and integrity. Priory Garden was selected by Fred Holland Day for his father's bedchamber in the Norwood, Massachusetts, house. 21" wide with a self match repeat of 11 7/8". 6 yard long rolls, covering 30 square feet. Hand printed in New England. Documentary coloring combines tertiary hues of sage, green, ochre and blue.

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