Burrows Studio: Kensington
from the Norwood-Day Collection


Trimmed width: 20 1/4"

Repeat: 15 3/4" self match

Roll size: 6 yards

Price per roll: $165.00

"Kensington", an English design. Early 1890's. A striking all over figure of classic arabesques with palmettes, this design seems right in spirit with the paintings of Lord Leighton and Alma Tadema and the fashionable artistic neighborhoods of Kensington at the end of the nineteenth century. The near perfect symmetry (offset by one central irregular flower) has opened suggestion of using the print sideways as a wide frieze or dado pattern. In bold colors it is crisp and daring, and in muted colors it is feathery and delicate. 20 1/4" wide with a self match repeat of 15 3/4". 6 yard long rolls, covering 30 square feet. Hand printed in New England. Document coloring in brilliant red with white figures, and is offered in moss green with white figures, terra cotta with black figures, and celadon green with putty figures. $165.00 per roll.

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