Burrows Studio: Lily & Rose

Lily & Rose

Lily & Rose

Trimmed width: 28 1/2" (21")

Repeat: 12 1/2" (11")

Roll Size: 5 yards

Price per roll: $65.00

"Lily & Rose", a Scottish design. Originally made by the firm of George Walton & Co., and is attributed to have been drawn by Robert Graham. It is a fluid design with tendrils of lilies climbing in a diagonal line through a diaper pattern of conventionalized rose blossoms, thus incorporating the favorite flowers of the English and Scottish Arts & Crafts Movements. We have initially developed this print as a rotary screen print and the specifications are: 28 1/2" wide with a 12 1/2" self match. 5 yard rolls, covering 30 square feet. Printed in California. A flat screen print of the pattern is being developed at a slightly smaller scale: 21" wide with a 11" drop match. 6 yard rolls, covering 30 square feet. Hand printed in New England. The first sampling is in a turquoise blue on an off white ground. $65.00 per roll.

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