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Japanese Carp Lace Curtains

Our finest weave, this 14-point lace has exceptional delicacy in the weight of the fabric and in the design. The pattern is adapted from the Candace Wheeler printed fabric of the same motif, which comes to Burrows & Company from the archive of the Mark Twain Memorial in Hartford, Connecticut.

Available sizes:
Sold as individual panels, sizes show width x length.*

50 x 54" = $104
50 x 60" = $112
50 x 72" = $127
50 x 84" = $146
50 x 90" = $161

Colors (product codes)

Ecru (LCE-115)
White (LCE-115)

Fabric Content: 95% cotton/5% polyester

*All sizes are approximate, with a 3% allowable variance. There may be additional shrinkage after washing.

A coordinating "Japanese Carp" lace shower curtain will also be available in 2001.

The Carp Stencil

The Carp Stencil is currently out of stock

This lively pattern was originally published by Candace Wheeler in the early 1900's as a design for a bathroom stencil. It is a two piece stencil, which allows for mixing shades and colors in the paints. The print shown here has two greens in the surround and the shell, and two blues used on the fish itself, with an effort made to maintain variety of tones from one application to the next. This stencil has also been effectively painted using just one color with different shading to highlight the figures. To achieve an artistic result, we suggest experimenting first with colors on posterboard before starting to work on the walls.

The Carp Stencil is currently out of stock

Japanese Carp Wallpaper

Design date c. 1885 - 1905

Trimmed width: 26 1/2"

Repeat: 23 3/4" self match

Roll size: 5 yards long, covering 30 square feet.

Price: $125.00 per roll; acrylic coating for bathrooms and kitchens add $15.00 per roll extra.

Color: white print on deep blue paper; also can be special ordered in metallic gold on green.


Japanese Carp on Linen Union

Width: 54"

Repeat: 23 1/2"

Price: Please call to inquire on cost per yard.

Color: indigo print on white cloth


Candace Wheeler Carp fabric

Candace Wheeler Carp fabric 2

Japanese Carp on Denim:

Width: 47"

Repeat: 25 1/2"

Price: Please call to inquire on cost per yard

Color: plum print on olive cloth (document colorway)

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